Towing Careers and Job

Towing a Car

Working for a towing service can be great at times but also stressful. We’ve interviewed many towers who said they work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week and take on-call the other 3 days. Many are paid a base salary plus commission for every tow job you do.

The industry has suffered recently with the economy and making a swing back to their glory times several years ago.

How to Become a Professional Tower?

Many people think you need a CDL license in order to find work. But in most cases you will not need one. Many flatbeds are just basically large trucks like the Ford F-550 or Dodge Ram 3500 which are some of the most common tow trucks.

Most places like will provide training on how to use their wrecker and flatbed. Having some knowledge on vehicles will all be very helpful as you will be stuck doing some roadside assistance jobs such as flat tire changes or battery charges. Going through their training which generally takes a few days is typically all you need to land a job.

How Much Can You Make?

According to PayScale the average salary for a tow truck driver is $23,548 to $37,320. Many companies we interviewed pay a small hourly wage + money for every tow job you do.

Advancement and Other Opportunities

There’s not much advancement in this industry, but many can move to a more lucrative industry like repossession or owning their own business. For anyone wanting to own their own business but have a low budget start off promoting on social medial like Facebook and Twitter.